Tartan page

All these tartans are available.  They are all a lovely quality soft polyviscose fabric that is machine washable.

Other tartans are available on request but they would be wool fabric.

  Anderson Modern Tartan

  Auld Lang Syne Grey Tartan

Baird Modern Tartan

  Bath Tartan

  Bedford Tartan

Black watch Tartan

Buccleuch Modern Tartan

Buchanan Tartan

Cairn Tartan

Caledonia Modern Tartan

Cameron of Erracht Modern Tartan

Campbell Ancient Tartan

Campbell Modern Tartan

Clark Modern Tartan

Co Fermanagh Tartan

Colquhoun Ancient Tartan

Cranford red Tartan

Davidson Tartan

Douglas Ancient Tartan

Douglas Modern Tartan

Earl of St Andrews Tartan

Elliot Modern Tartan

Farquharson Modern Tartan

Ferguson Modern Tartan

Fraser Ancient Hunting Tartan

Fraser Modern Red Tartan

Gordon Modern Tartan

Gordon Dress Tartan

Gordon Red Tartan

Graham of Mentieth Tartan

Grant Ancient Hunting Tartan

Grey granite Tartan

Grey Highlander Tartan

Gunn Modern Tartan

Hamilton Red Tartan

Hay Ancient Tartan

Holyrood Modern Tartan

Hunter Modern Tartan

Isle of Arran Tartan

Isle of Skye Tartan

Kingdom of Fife Tartan

Lindsay Modern Tartan

Macbeth Ancient Tartan

Macbeth Modern Tartan

Macdonald Modern Tartan

Macduff Modern Hunting Tartan

Macgregor Tartan

  Macintyre Tartan

  Mackay Ancient Tartan

  Mackenzie Dress Tartan

Mackenzie Modern Tartan

Maclean Modern Hunting Tartan

Maclean of Duart Tartan

Maclean of Duart Weathered Tartan

Macleod Modern Hunting Tartan

Macleod of Lewis Tartan

Macmillan Tartan

Macnaughton Muted Tartan

Macneil Hunting Tartan

Macpherson Modern Hunting Tartan

Macpherson Modern Red Tartan

Macqueen Modern Tartan

Macqueen of Skye Tartan

Macrae Ancient Hunting Tartan

  Malcolm Tartan

  Menzies Black Tartan

  Menzies Dress Tartan

Menzies Navy Tartan

Murray of Atholl Ancient Tartan

Murray of Atholl Modern Tartan

  Norman Tartan

  Prince of Wales Modern Tartan

  Ramsay Blue Tartan

  Robertson Modern Tartan

  Scott Weathered Tartan

  Scottish National Tartan

  Spirit of Scotland Tartan

  Stewart Dress Tartan

  Stewart Black Tartan

  Stewart Camel Tartan

  Stewart Modern Hunting Tartan

  Stewart Modern Navy Tartan

  Stewart Royal Tartan

  Thomson Black Tartan

  Thomson Camel Tartan

  Thomson Grey Tartan

  Wallace Modern Red Tartan

  Wallington Tartan

  Warrior Tartan

  Westgate Tartan