Frequently asked questions

How long will it take till I receive my order?

If an item is ready to go it will be sent out within a day or two.  If I need to order in the fabric and make it up, it can take up to 2 weeks  (unless the mill has ran out and is weaving more, it can take a bit longer if that is the case but you will be notified if there is any problem usually within 24 hours of ordering).  If you need something urgently contact me to let me know and I will see what I can do.

How soon should I order if I need something in a few months time?

I recommend that if you want a particular tartan you let me know as soon as possible.  What I tend to do is take a deposit for the items and then that allows me to order the fabric for you and hold it until a few weeks before then we can sort out measurements for your item and the remaining balance.

How much is a deposit?

The deposit is 50% and is non refundable.

I want to order trews what measurements do I need?

I need a waist and inside leg (crotch to hem) measurement. The waist is elasticated but its just to give me an idea and if unsure of the inside measurement you can always check against a pair of trousers you have.  I make the trews to the measurements you supply so its important to get it right.

Do you only supply the tartans on the tartan page or I am looking for a different tartan that’s not listed?

I can supply other tartans, but it does mean it will be in wool fabric, which means it would be dry clean only and heavier and if your baby has sensitive skin it can be itchy.  It is also more expensive due to the cost of the fabric.

Do I need an appointment to come and see you?

Yes, I work round my childcare so it’s best to make an appointment to come along to make sure I am there.

Data – I only hold data for accountancy purposes.  It doesn’t get used for marketing or passed on to other companies.


Photographs – any photographs published on the website/Facebook/instagram are authorised by the child’s parent/guardian.  These can be removed on request by contacting us.